By Marco Heerebout. I use this blog with a focus on my profession and related subjects and opinions. I'm active in the field of system development and software engineering, applying and mentoring Agile principles and Scrum, most of the times in a leading role or as Scrum master.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hug a developer today

Below is a nice video I found on the net which tells us a nice little story about the pain "we" have too much. Have a look at it, it only takes 90 seconds.

In my next posts I'll address this kind of issues and possible ways to prevent the pain.

(this video was created by DevShop)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Starting my blog

Soon (September) I'll start my regularly updated blog related to Agile and Lean principles applied to software and business development.

It's interesting to see that old habits and mechanisms that are not the most efficient nowadays are kept being used or applied a lot. Since my professional experience I've seen and applied a lot of alternatives and strongly believe and surely experienced that Agile/Lean principles actually result in better results and at the same time motivate the people and business involved.

These two factors -better results and motivated people and business- combined make both even stronger, so I've choosen and keep on going for that!