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Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting to use GIT?

Git is a relative new player on the version control playground. A few years ago Git saw the light and was brought by one of the smart guys on this globe. Linus Torvalds; he needed a distributed version control tool to maintain the Linux kernel and seemed not to be too happy with the tool they used before Git. The exact story can be found somewhere else... (some links here)

I didn't use ALL of the possible version control systems but I guess I've seen about 6 or 7 different systems and all of them had pro's and cons, and from free+working to very expensive+not working. The latest I used was SVN and I thought it was OK. But now we start more to use some Ruby/Rails related tools and as a side-effect Git came by. The CI tool Integrity is the one we want to use and it seems to support Git out of the box but not SVN... Now what's wise to do?

I had a quick and global look at Git and created some repositories on Github and have to say it's easy to use... Of course things may change when I start to use the more advanced features but the basic use seems to be OK. So I'm able to make the step to Git!

And.. before I forget...
If you have some SVN repository and would like to try Git with your own stuff, Github provides a way to import your SVN repository. I also tried that and was glad to try some things out with some code I already knew...

BTW: a nice starter may be: