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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Performance and expectations

Although this post is rather short, I do write it.

At this very moment I'm waiting for a file-copy. I have an image of a virtual machine on an external USB drive (WB Passport Elite 250 GB, good drive!) and want to copy it to my fixed harddisk on my slow laptop (why are these things so slow within a year?). While waiting for it I'm able to write this. The expected time to finish was 16 minutes. So that is the time my laptop takes for copying a 16.081.982 kilobyte (about 15.4 GB?) file from an external disk to my internal laptop disk. Amazingly slow... it is about 1 GB/min = 16.5 MB/sec.

In the meantime it finished and it took 19 minutes and 12 seconds! Wow, that's a lot of time copying bits (so rougly 13.8 MB/sec. that's SSSSLLLOOOOWWW). And this is nearly an optimal situation because the file is one huge file. If it were a few thousand files it would probably have taken a something like 2 hours.

Why I started writing this? We all expect more than we easily get from technology. The new waves of technology are highly appreciated all the time until it has become a few months old or a commodity. But replacing things all the time can't be afforded by anyone, so we have to extend the use and lifetimes and make sure the investments are returned in the ratio we like it.

The link with what I do for a living is here! I want to start a few blogs related to projects, performance and expectations. I'm currently actively building up a "project offer" which helps in delivering projects very fast (max few months), providing good performance (in terms of speed of development and availability but also ROI) and fulfill and manage the too much underestimated expectations.



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